Amati Rainbow Yacht with Tool Kit, Glues and Book


Amati Rainbow legno/wood + attrezzi/tools

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The Rainbow was designed by Starling Burgess, in order to defend the colors of the United States. The pilot was Mr. Harold S. “Mike” Vanderbilt, who expressly wanted this yacht to challenge the strong contender Endeavour.

Kit features plank-on-frame construction with laser cut keel, frames and deck; double planking in basswood and mahogany; metal and wooden fittings; cloth sails; wooden detailed mast; brass photo etched parts; plans and detailed instructions. Comes with a complimentary beginner tool kit, glues and shipbuilding book.

Scale 1:80 – Total length cm. 48 – Height cm. 70

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Dimensions 24 × 13 × 7 in


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