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BlueJacket America 1/8 Scale | A perfect desk-top model.

The America yacht, also known as America, is a historic and iconic racing yacht that won the first America’s Cup race in 1851. The America’s Cup is the oldest international trophy in sailing and one of the most prestigious regattas in the world.

America was designed and built by George Steers in 1851 for a syndicate of American businessmen led by John Stevens. The yacht was named after the country of its origin and was intended to compete in a sailing race organized by the Royal Yacht Squadron in England, which would later become known as the America’s Cup.

In August 1851, America competed against a fleet of British yachts in a race around the Isle of Wight. Despite being the underdog in the race, America’s innovative design and superior sailing performance allowed it to claim victory and win the trophy that would later be named after it – the America’s Cup.

The victory of America in the 1851 race marked the beginning of the America’s Cup tradition, with the trophy being defended in subsequent editions by yacht clubs from around the world. The America’s Cup has since become a symbol of excellence and innovation in the sport of sailing, attracting the best sailors, designers, and technology to compete for the prestigious trophy.

Today, America is considered a legendary yacht in sailing history and a symbol of American sailing prowess. The yacht’s victory in 1851 paved the way for over a century and a half of thrilling America’s Cup racing, making it one of the most storied and prestigious events in the world of sailing.

The BlueJacket America 1/8 Scale kit is plank-on-frame construction, designed as an Admiralty-style model with its mahogany ribs exposed. BlueJacket has provided enough wood to complete the planking if desired. Also included in the kit is brass and Britannia fittings, rigging line, and sail cloth.

If there are any questions about the contents of a particular kit, please contact Bluejacket.

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