Krick Antje Fisherboat


PN: ro1110
Scale 1:20
Length about 640 mm
Width about 210 mm
Height about 550 mm

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Antje Fisherboat

PN: ro1110

Of the smaller workboats on the North and Baltic Seas, cutters are the most popular for crabbing, fishing and many other jobs. The characteristic appearance of these ships make them extremely popular with model builders. The prefabrication of the individual components simplifies and accelerates the construction of the model.

The spacious hull of the Antje Fisherboat offers ample space for a large battery, the drive motor and the remote control system. For detailed design, there is the fitting set no. ro1111 with this kit, Krick stayed true to the original. The beautiful hull form of the Antje has motivated Krick to reissue this pretty model, but they also wanted to improve many of the details and make it as true to the original as possible.

The laser technology helps a great deal to ensure more detail and make the construction easier. Thus, the new kit receives a complete laser-engraved wooden deck. Likewise the superstructures are composed of two layers of lasered plywood and some details for the interior have been added.

Kit Contents:
Hull and deck made of vacuum formed ABS plastic
Deck planking made of laser-engraved ply
Wheelhouse and companionway made of laser cut plywood
Masts and yards
Steering system and linkage
Ship propeller, shaft
RC connectors
Multilingual, illustrated instructions and drawings
Boat stand

Technical specifications:
Scale 1:20
Length about 640 mm
Width about 210 mm
Height about 550 mm
Total displacement about 3000 g

The complete accessory recommendation can be found in the construction manual for the model.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 in