Artesania Latina Hermione La Fayette


Artesania Latina Hermione La Fayette

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This ship when built will be 29.6inches long, 23.3 inches tall and has a beam of 11.1″ The Scale is 1:89

On March 21, 1780, the young Marques de La Fayette embarked on the Hermione, setting sail for America to fight alongside the American insurgents in the struggle for their independence. Two years earlier, at the Rochefort Arsenal , in a building berth close to the Cordeire Royale, work had begun on the Hermione, a light 12 pounder frigate, over 64 meters long weighing in at more than 1200 tons and with a sail surface of over 1500 m2 spread on the 3 masts. The Hermione was built from plans drawn up by the engineer-shipbuilder Chevilliard l’aine.

All parts are laser cut for accuracy, has good amounts of detail and comes with full set of sails.

This Kit uses woods such as Plywood, Boxwood, Sapelly and Manzonia.There are cast iron fittings which include false gunports, lion figurehead, bell and bell tower, gun port frames, small barge, and more.There are Hand sewn and sized cotton cloth sails.
There are Doors, windows, gun ports, railings, mast tops, mast caps, cat davits, figurehead, gripes and Cast iron nameplate and more. Comes with a full set of realistic rigging .

There are Large, easy-to-follow plans and simplified pictorial instructions that illustrate every phase of construction .

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 13 x 4 in


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