Artesania Latina Red Dragon


Scale 1:60
Length: 480mm (18.89″)
Height: 440mm (17.32″)
Width: 130mm (5.11″)

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Artesania Latina Red Dragon


Still in use in many parts of Southeast Asia today, these boats were used for both war and trade. The junk ships are a vessel type typically seen in the China Sea and were often used by leaders like Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan. These mighty leaders used them to try to conquer Japan during the 13th century.

The appearance of the junks has been documented as far back as about 600 BC. The hull has no keel and a short stern. Their sails are made of thick fabric reinforced with reeds, which provides the ships with great stability and propulsion. Junks were one of the most used boats by pirates off the coast of Southeast Asia due to their speed and agility as well as their cargo space.

Today these boats are still used to transport good and fish the coastal regions, a true sight to see!


Build your own 1:60 scale model of the Red Dragon Chinese junk. The construction system used is false keel and frames bringing the build of your model close to the construction of the actual ship. Once built, the model measures 18.89” (480mm) long, 5.11” (130mm) wide and 17.32” (440mm) tall.

The Red Dragon kit includes laser cut parts, hardwood planking, brass, die-cast metal and fabric fittings. For the assembly you can follow Artesania LAtina’s complete full colour step-by-step guide in 5 languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, German and Danish), accompanied by drawings of the ship which are on a computer DVD. The kit does not include printed instructions. You can also download the digital instructions for free from their website.

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