Artesania Latina Sanson Tug

Artesania Latina Sanson Tug


Artesania Latina Sanson Tug Wood Ship Kit

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This ship when built will be 29.6inches long, 23.9 inches tall and has a beam of 13.9″ The Scale is 1:50

This kit features Laser cut woods for ease of assembly , she is a double plank on frame using in limewood and walnut, Lots of detailed fittings are included for accuracy. There are individual strips for the deck and cabin planking, pre-carved life boats, clear windows, a wooden capstan and a three-bladed propeller. Rigging lines are supplied for halyards, shrouds and lashing lines are supplied. Fittings are made of hardwoods, cast metal and brass wire for chains, pulleys, drums, winches, lights and turnbuckles, white metal ladders, hoses, anchors, davits, bits, cog and gear wheels. There are full sized plans, with easy instructions for a easy build.

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 18 x 3 in


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