Artesana Latina Virginia

Artesania Latina Virginia


Artesania Latina Virginia Wood Ship Kit

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Dimensions: Length: 21.25″ Height: 19.5″ and The Scale is : 1/41 The Virgina was designed in 1819 and launched that same year. Also know as “schooners”, these boats offered great maneuverability and elegance. Equipped with a central swivel mounted carronade and lightly armed plus high speed the Virginia was used for pursuit and intercepting tasks as a coast guard boat.

All wood parts are laser cut for accuracy, She is a and double plank on hull kit. The Blocks and deadeyes are made of yellow boxwood. Eyelets, bracers, belaying pins, and cabin door hinges are brass. Sails are included in this kit. Comes with detailed plans and instructions.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 18 x 3 in


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