Billing Boats Bluenose


Scale model of a schooner from the year 1929.

Wooden hull

1:65 scale, 26.38″H 29.92″L 5.51″W


Billing Boats Bluenose
Scale model of a schooner from the year 1929. 1:65 scale Wooden hull 26.38″H 29.92″L 5.51″W

The Bluenose is a historic Canadian schooner that was launched in 1921 from the shipyards of Smith and Rhuland in Nova Scotia. The ship was originally designed and built for the purpose of fishing and racing, with a focus on capturing the rich fishing grounds of the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland.

The Bluenose quickly gained fame for its impressive speed and agility, becoming known as the fastest sailing ship in the North Atlantic during its time. The ship’s distinctive design, with its sleek lines and towering masts, made it a powerful competitor in the annual International Fisherman’s Cup race, a prestigious sailing competition among fishing schooners.

The Bluenose’s most famous victory came in 1921 when it defeated the American schooner Elsie in a series of races off the coast of Massachusetts. This victory solidified the Bluenose’s reputation as a champion racing vessel and a symbol of Canadian maritime pride.

Throughout its career, the Bluenose continued to dominate the racing circuit, winning numerous competitions and earning the title of “Queen of the North Atlantic.” The ship also played a vital role in the fishing industry, hauling in record catches of fish and maintaining a successful fishing business.

After many years of service, the Bluenose was ultimately retired in 1946 and eventually dismantled. However, the legacy of the Bluenose lives on as a beloved Canadian icon, featured on the Canadian dime and inspiring countless works of art, literature, and music celebrating its storied history as a symbol of maritime prowess and national identity.

Billing Boats Bluenose kit contains laser cut wood board, fine wood planking, a full set of fittings, cotton rigging line, plans and diagrams and a manual in multiple languages. This kit does not contain tools, glue or paint.


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