Billing Boats Lilla Dan


26.7 inches long, 19.29 inches tall and has a beam of 4.72 “

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Billing Boats Lilla Dan
The built model will be 26.7 inches long, 19.29 inches tall and has a beam of 4.72 ”

The Lila Dan was a historic Danish ship built in 1943, originally named the Kalkgrund. The ship was primarily used for cargo transportation, trading goods between Denmark and the Faroe Islands. In 1952, the ship was purchased by the Danish trading company J. Lauritzen and was renamed the Lila Dan.

Under its new name, the Lila Dan was converted into a cargo vessel and began a new chapter in its maritime career. The ship was best known for its regular voyages between Denmark and Greenland, carrying supplies, equipment, and other necessities to the remote settlements and outposts in Greenland.

The Lila Dan played a crucial role in supporting the communities and industries of Greenland, facilitating trade and commerce between the Danish mainland and the vast, rugged landscapes of Greenland. The ship also became a familiar sight along the coasts of Greenland, earning the nickname “Greenland’s White Swan” due to its elegant appearance and reliable service.

The Lila Dan continued to serve the Greenlandic communities for many years until it was eventually retired in the 1970s. The ship was later restored and preserved as a museum ship in Denmark, allowing visitors to learn about its history and significance in Danish maritime heritage.

While the Lila Dan is no longer an active vessel, its legacy lives on as a symbol of the close ties between Denmark and Greenland, as well as a tribute to the resilience and resourcefulness of the sailors who braved the harsh conditions of the North Atlantic to keep the remote Arctic communities connected to the outside world.

Billing Boats Lilla Dan kit is a plank on frame construction model, all wood parts are laser cut and all of the details are made of wood, brass and/or plastic, Mast and spars, rigging line in various sizes and printed sails are included. Full size plans and an instruction manual in multiple languages. This kit does not contain glue, tools or paint.

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