Bluejacket Charles W Morgan Cutaway


Bluejacket wooden model cutaway of the Charles W. Morgan

LOA: 10″ Scale: 1/2″


Bluejacket Charles W Morgan Cutaway
The Charles W. Morgan is a historic ship with a rich history that spans over 173 years. Here is a brief overview of the ship’s history:

1. Construction and Launch:
The Charles W. Morgan was built in 1841 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It was named after its original owner, Charles W. Morgan, a successful businessman and whaling merchant. The ship was constructed primarily for whaling expeditions in the Pacific Ocean.

2. Whaling Voyages:
The Charles W. Morgan embarked on its first whaling voyage in 1841, sailing to the Pacific Ocean to hunt for sperm whales. Over the course of its career, the ship completed 37 whaling voyages, traveling as far as the Arctic and South Pacific.

3. Active Whaling Career:
The Charles W. Morgan had a successful and productive whaling career, hunting and harvesting thousands of barrels of whale oil and whalebone. The ship was known for its durability, speed, and efficiency in capturing whales.

4. Preservation and Restoration:
In 1925, the Charles W. Morgan was retired from active whaling duty as the whaling industry declined. The ship was preserved as an exhibit at Colonel Edward H.R. Green’s private estate in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

5. Mystic Seaport Museum:
In 1941, the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut, acquired the Charles W. Morgan and began an extensive restoration project to restore the ship to its original condition. The museum continues to maintain and preserve the ship as an important historical artifact.

6. National Historic Landmark:
The Charles W. Morgan was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966 for its significance as the last surviving wooden whaling ship from the 19th century. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

7. Sailing and Education:
The Charles W. Morgan has been used for educational programs and public sails, allowing visitors to experience life aboard a 19th-century whaling ship. The ship occasionally embarks on commemorative voyages and visits ports around the United States.

Today, the Charles W. Morgan stands as a symbol of America’s maritime heritage and the legacy of the whaling industry. It serves as a living museum and a tribute to the sailors, tradesmen, and craftsmen who sailed aboard these historic vessels.

Bluejacket Charles W Morgan Cutaway Kit
Because of the large scale, every little detail has been meticulously replicated. Build the tryworks brick by brick using an inner shell with brick locations marked. Kit includes copper plates, a template for rivet placement, and can be super detailed with treenails, etc. Engineered for success with a unique building jig included.

LOA: 10″ Scale: 1/2″

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