Bluejacket CSS Alabama


Plank-on-Bulkhead Construction
Scale: 1/8″ = 1′
Length: 35.5

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Bluejacket CSS Alabama Limited Edition Kit, only 150 Produced!

The CSS Alabama was a Confederate raider ship that operated during the American Civil War. It was built in 1862 in England and served as a commerce raider, attacking and capturing Union merchant vessels in the Atlantic Ocean and around the world. The CSS Alabama was designed to disrupt Union shipping and commerce and to weaken the Union war effort by targeting its merchant fleet.

Commanded by Captain Raphael Semmes, the CSS Alabama was highly successful in its raids, capturing or sinking over 60 Union ships during its two-year career. The ship became notorious for its speed and agility, as well as its hit-and-run tactics, which allowed it to evade Union warships while inflicting significant damage on Union merchant vessels.

One of the most famous engagements involving the CSS Alabama was the Battle of Cherbourg in 1864, where it was confronted and defeated by the Union sloop-of-war USS Kearsarge off the coast of France. The CSS Alabama was eventually sunk in that battle after a one-hour confrontation with the USS Kearsarge.

The CSS Alabama was a significant threat to Union shipping and commerce during the Civil War, causing economic damage and disrupting trade routes. Its successful career as a raider earned it a place in Civil War naval history and established Raphael Semmes as a skilled and daring naval commander.

The sinking of the CSS Alabama by the USS Kearsarge marked a major victory for the Union Navy and was celebrated as a triumph over Confederate commerce raiders. The wreck of the CSS Alabama was discovered in the 1980s off the coast of France, and artifacts from the ship have been recovered and preserved for historical and educational purposes..

The CSS Alabama, was sunk by the USS Kearsarge in the spectacular Battle of Cherbourg off the coast of France on 19 June 1864.

The Bluejacket CSS Alabama kit features plank-on-Bulkhead construction. The kit includes laser cut boards, full set of fittings, photo-etched parts, plans, diagrams and instruction manual.

Scale: 1/8″ = 1′
Length: 35.5

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Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 in


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