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BlueJacket Fannie A Gorham

The Fannie A. Gorham was a coastal schooner that operated along the eastern seaboard of the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Coastal schooners were a common type of sailing vessel used for transporting cargo and passengers in coastal waters.

The Fannie A. Gorham was likely built in a shipyard along the New England coast, where many schooners were constructed during this time period. Coastal schooners were typically two-masted sailing vessels with a fore-and-aft rig, making them versatile and suitable for navigating coastal waters.

Like many coastal schooners of the era, the Fannie A. Gorham was primarily engaged in the transportation of goods along the coast. They carried a wide range of cargo, including lumber, coal, fish, agricultural products, and general merchandise between ports along the eastern seaboard.

Coastal schooners like the Fannie A. Gorham had small crews that included sailors, a captain, and sometimes a cook or mate. These vessels relied on wind power, and the crew worked together to handle the sails, navigate coastal waters, and load and unload cargo at various ports.

The heyday of coastal schooners began to wane in the early 20th century with the rise of steam-powered vessels, which offered faster and more reliable transportation. Many schooners, including the Fannie A. Gorham, were eventually retired from service or repurposed for other uses as steamships became dominant in coastal trade.

The Fannie A. Gorham, like many coastal schooners, played a vital role in the maritime history of the eastern United States, facilitating trade, commerce, and transportation along the coast. While these vessels are no longer a common sight on the waterways, they are remembered for their contributions to coastal communities and the maritime economy during a significant period in American history.

BlueJacket Fannie A Gorham kit is a good model for the intermediate builder. With her off-center main mast, centerboard, and shallow draft, she is an unusual and interesting subject for any modeler.

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LOA: 24.5″
Scale: 1/8″

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