Bluejacket Grand Banks Dory


Scale: 1″ = 1′ (1:12)
Length: 16″

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Bluejacket Grand Banks Dory

The Grand Banks Dory is a type of traditional wooden fishing boat that originated in the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada. Dories were originally used as fishing vessels by commercial fishermen in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Grand Banks Dories are usually flat-bottomed, shallow-draft vessels that are lightweight and easily maneuverable. They were designed to be launched from larger fishing vessels and used for longlining and gillnetting in the cold and often treacherous waters of the North Atlantic.

The design of the Grand Banks Dory is characterized by a narrow, tapered hull with high sides and a flared bow, which helps to prevent water from splashing into the boat in rough seas. The dories were typically rowed by a single fisherman using a pair of oars, although some were also equipped with a sail for propulsion.

Dories played a vital role in the fishing industry, allowing fishermen to access fishing grounds that were inaccessible to larger vessels. The boats were carried on the decks of schooners and other fishing vessels and then lowered into the water when it was time to harvest the day’s catch.

In addition to their practical use in commercial fishing, Grand Banks Dories have also become popular as recreational and pleasure craft. Many boat builders and enthusiasts continue to recreate and restore these classic wooden boats, preserving the tradition of dory fishing in the North Atlantic.

The Grand Banks Dory is an enduring symbol of the rich maritime heritage of Newfoundland and the Atlantic provinces, representing the ingenuity, resilience, and seafaring traditions of the region’s fishermen and boat builders.

The BlueJacket Grand Banks Dory kit is built exactly the same way as the full sized boat–triangular stern, flat bottom, and three garboard strakes. The model can be displayed with the sail upright and unfurled, or in a furled and stowed position.

Scale: 1″ = 1′ (1:12)
Length: 16″

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