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BlueJacket Lackawanna

The Lackawanna Tug is a type of tugboat that was once in service on the Lackawanna River in Pennsylvania. Tugboats are powerful and sturdy vessels designed to tow or push other ships, barges, or floating platforms through the water. They play a crucial role in assisting larger ships with docking, undocking, and maneuvering in tight spaces.

Tugboats like the Lackawanna Tug were instrumental in the transportation of goods and materials along waterways, particularly in areas where larger ships could not navigate or needed assistance. These vessels were equipped with powerful engines and heavy-duty towing equipment to perform their duties efficiently and safely.

While specific information about the Lackawanna Tug itself may not be readily available, tugboats like it have been an essential part of maritime operations for many years. They continue to be used in modern times for a variety of tasks, including harbor work, ship assists, salvage operations, and towing services.

The BlueJacket Lackawanna kit features a carved solid hull. The kit also includes a substantial amount of fittings including cast metal parts and several sizes of rigging. The kit also includes plans, diagrams and an instruction manual.

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