Bluejacket Mary Taylor


Scale 3/16″ = 1′ (1:64)
Length 20″

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Bluejacket Mary Taylor

The Mary Taylor was a famous and historic pilot boat that operated in New York Harbor during the 19th century. Pilot boats were vessels used to transport harbor pilots to and from incoming or outgoing ships, as well as to guide ships safely through the harbor’s waters.

The Mary Taylor was built in 1866 by the renowned shipbuilder Edward F. Williams of Greenpoint, New York. She was a beautifully designed and well-crafted vessel, known for her speed, maneuverability, and reliability in all weather conditions. The Mary Taylor was often praised for her sleek lines and graceful appearance.

The pilot boat Mary Taylor had a long and distinguished career, serving as a crucial link between incoming ships and the pilots who navigated them through the challenging waters of New York Harbor. Pilots played a vital role in ensuring the safe passage of vessels, especially in crowded and hazardous harbor areas.

Sadly, like many pilot boats of her time, the Mary Taylor eventually met a tragic end. In 1886, during a severe storm, the Mary Taylor was lost at sea along with her crew while attempting to guide a ship through dangerous conditions. The loss of the Mary Taylor was a significant event in the maritime history of New York Harbor and served as a reminder of the dangers faced by pilots and their vessels in the line of duty.

The story of the Mary Taylor is a testament to the bravery, skill, and sacrifice of the pilots who served aboard her and the important role that pilot boats played in the maritime industry of the 19th century.

The Bluejacket Mary Taylor is a solid-hull kit that includes laser-cut stem, keel, stern post, and rudder. Dowels for masts and spars, wood planking and sheet wood for deck structures, rigging line, small sheet of photo-etched brass parts, dozens of brass fittings and over 70 Britannia metal fittings. Also included is a roll of copper foil tape for sheathing the hull, printed flags, plus full set of plans and an instruction booklet in English, with diagrams. This excellent solid hull model of a schooner is perfect for the less experienced builder, her graceful lines make her an interesting subject for any modeler.

Scale 3/16″ = 1′ (1:64)
Length 20″

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 in


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