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Bluejacket Pauline

The Pauline Queen of the Fleet was a sardine carrier that operated in the sardine industry along the coast of Maine, particularly in the town of Eastport. Sardine carriers were used to transport sardines from fishing boats to canneries for processing during the height of the sardine industry in the early to mid-20th century.

The Pauline Queen of the Fleet was one of the many vessels that played a crucial role in the sardine industry, helping to transport the freshly caught sardines to the canneries in a timely manner to preserve their freshness. These carriers were vital to the operations of the sardine industry, which was a major economic driver for the coastal communities of Maine at that time.

The sardine industry in Maine was at its peak in the early to mid-20th century, with numerous canneries operating along the coast and providing employment for many locals. Sardines were a popular and affordable source of protein during this time, and the industry played a significant role in the economy and culture of the region.

While the sardine industry faced challenges and eventually declined in the latter half of the 20th century, vessels like the Pauline Queen of the Fleet are remembered as important pieces of Maine’s maritime history. These carriers were an essential part of the infrastructure and operations that supported the sardine industry and the livelihoods of those involved in it.

Today, the Pauline Queen of the Fleet and other vessels from Maine’s sardine industry are part of the state’s maritime heritage, serving as a reminder of a bygone era when the sardine industry was a key player in the economic and cultural landscape of coastal Maine.

The Bluejacket Pauline kit features a solid basswood hull, Britannia metal fittings, 132 laser-cut wood parts, and a removable cabin roof to reveal interior detail.

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