Bluejacket SS Jeremiah O’Brien


Scale: 1/16
Length: 27-1/2″

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Bluejacket SS Jeremiah O’Brien

The SS Jeremiah O’Brien is a World War II Liberty ship that is one of the last surviving Liberty ships still in operation. It was named after Jeremiah O’Brien, a sailor during the American Revolutionary War who participated in the capture of the British ship HMS Margaretta in 1775.

The SS Jeremiah O’Brien was built in 1943 in South Portland, Maine, as part of the massive shipbuilding effort during World War II. Liberty ships like the Jeremiah O’Brien were crucial for transporting troops, supplies, and equipment across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to support the Allied war effort.

The ship made several voyages during World War II, carrying cargo and troops to various theaters of the war. After the war, the Jeremiah O’Brien was mothballed for several years before being saved from the scrapyard in the 1970s. It was restored and brought back to sea as a museum ship, now based in San Francisco, California.

Today, the SS Jeremiah O’Brien is a floating museum and a living piece of history, offering visitors the chance to experience life aboard a World War II-era Liberty ship. The ship participates in various events and commemorations, and is a popular tourist attraction in San Francisco. The SS Jeremiah O’Brien serves as a reminder of the vital role played by Liberty ships and their crews in helping to secure victory during World War II.

The Bluejacket SS Jeremiah O’Brien kit has been revised to take advantage of a great many laser cut wood and styrene parts, etched brass, detailed plans, and expanded instructions including photos of the O’Brien.

Scale: 1/16
Length: 27-1/2″

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