Bluejacket USS Arleigh Burke


Scale: 1/16″
Length: 32″

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Bluejacket USS Arleigh Burke

The USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) is an Aegis-equipped guided missile destroyer in the United States Navy. Named after Admiral Arleigh Burke, a renowned World War II Navy officer and chief of naval operations, the ship is one of the most advanced and versatile destroyers in the Navy’s fleet.

The USS Arleigh Burke was commissioned in 1991 and was the lead ship in the Arleigh Burke-class of destroyers, which are designed for a variety of missions including air defense, anti-submarine warfare, and surface warfare. The ship is equipped with the Aegis Combat System, which integrates radar and missile systems to provide defense against air, surface, and subsurface threats.

The Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are known for their versatility, advanced technology, and firepower. They are capable of operating independently or as part of a carrier strike group, providing protection for other ships in the fleet and conducting a wide range of missions in support of national security.

Over the years, the USS Arleigh Burke has been involved in numerous operations and exercises around the world, demonstrating its capabilities and commitment to defending U.S. interests and allies. The ship has received various awards and commendations for its service and performance in combat and peacetime operations.

The USS Arleigh Burke and the other ships in its class have become the backbone of the modern U.S. Navy, playing a critical role in maintaining maritime security, projecting power, and promoting stability in regions of strategic importance. These destroyers are an essential part of the Navy’s force structure and are integral to its ability to respond to threats and challenges in an increasingly complex and dynamic global environment.

The Bluejacket USS Arleigh Burke kit uses the most modern techniques available to us, a carved, laminated basswood hull, over 600 acid etched brass parts, custom Britannia fittings, laser cut and resin parts, Al’s latest creation is indeed, impressive. . Al’s reputation for accuracy is well displayed in this model. His plans are based upon the original US Navy NAVSEA plans!

Scale: 1/16″
Length: 32″

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 12 in


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