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BlueJacket USS Cairo
The USS Cairo was one of the Union ironclad gunboats that served during the American Civil War. The USS Cairo was commissioned in 1862 and was named after Cairo, Illinois. It was one of seven ironclad gunboats in the City class designed by Samuel M. Pook. The USS Cairo played a significant role in the Union Navy’s Western Gunboat Flotilla and participated in several key engagements during the Civil War.

One of the most notable engagements in which the USS Cairo was involved was the Battle of Vicksburg in December 1862, where Union gunboats tried to clear the Mississippi River of Confederate defenses. The USS Cairo, along with other gunboats, provided crucial fire support during the battle.

However, on December 12, 1862, while on a reconnaissance mission on the Yazoo River, the USS Cairo struck two underwater mines (torpedoes) and sank quickly. Fortunately, the crew was able to evacuate the ship, with no casualties reported.

In 1964, the wreck of the USS Cairo was discovered and later recovered from the Yazoo River. Today, the remains of the USS Cairo are on display at the Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi.

The USS Cairo and the other ironclad gunboats represented a significant technological advancement in naval warfare during the Civil War, demonstrating the importance of armored ships in combat. The USS Cairo’s service and sacrifice during the Civil War are remembered as part of the Union Navy’s efforts to maintain control of the Mississippi River and support the Union war effort.

The BlueJacket USS Cairo kit features a solid Basswood hull, Britannia cast metal fittings, Photo-etched brass details, laser-cut parts, a full set of fittings, plans diagrams and instruction manual, as well as a display cradle. Please note that the photo may have been built with additional items not included as part of the standard kit such as pedestals, bases, cases, paint, etc.

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