Caldercraft HMS Diana


Scale: 1:64
Length: 1180mm
Width: 430mm
Height: 838mm

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Caldercraft HMS Diana

HMS Diana was a 38-gun Dryad-class frigate of the Royal Navy. She was built at Rotherhithe by John Randall and launched in 1794.

HMS Diana had an active career during the Napoleonic Wars, serving in various naval actions and campaigns. In 1796, she took part in the Battle of Cape St Vincent under the command of Captain George Henry Towry. Later, in 1805, she was part of the British fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar, where she played a role in the defeat of the combined French and Spanish fleets.

After the Napoleonic Wars, HMS Diana continued to serve in the Royal Navy, participating in various operations and patrols. However, in 1845, she was eventually broken up at Portsmouth.

HMS Diana’s service history reflects the important role that frigates like her played in naval warfare during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They were fast, maneuverable ships capable of a variety of missions, including scouting, convoy escort, and engaging enemy vessels.

The Caldercraft HMS Diana kit was designed from original Admiralty plans and contains:

CNC cut timber throughout; brass 18 and 9 pounder cannons; double plank on bulkhead construction; black and natural hemp for rigging; 2,300 1:64 scale copper plates; full size plans; comprehensive instruction manual and drawings.

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Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 13 × 6 in


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