Caldercraft North Light


Scale: 1:32
Length: 660mm
Beam: 178mm

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Caldercraft North Light Remote Control (R/C)

The North Light Clyde Puffer is a type of small steam-powered cargo ship that was commonly used for carrying cargo along the west coast of Scotland and in the Hebrides during the early to mid-20th century. The Clyde Puffer is characterized by its flat bottom, shallow draft, and distinctive design, which made it well-suited for navigating the narrow and shallow waters of Scotland’s coastline and inland waterways.

These iconic vessels played a crucial role in transporting goods such as coal, timber, and general cargo to remote and isolated communities. The most famous Clyde Puffer is possibly the Vital Spark, featured in Neil Munro’s series of Para Handy stories.

While many Clyde Puffers have been decommissioned or lost over the years, there are still some that have been preserved and restored as museum ships or for recreational use. The Clyde Puffer remains a beloved part of Scottish maritime history and a symbol of the country’s rich seafaring heritage. Crew member figures are included.

The Caldercraft North Light Remote Control (R/C) capable kit contains all necessary mouldings, printed overlays, CNC cut wood parts, drawings and diagrams for assembly. Over 200 white metal fittings are also included. While this kit is capable of being put in the water, it also maes for a wonderful static display.

The kit was awarded a gold medal at the Nuremburg Toy Fair of 1984. This was a first for any British kit manufacturer and a first for any marine model kit from around the world.

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