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BlueJacket Charles P Notman

Charles P. Notman was a prominent shipbuilder and naval architect based in Boston, Massachusetts during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Notman was known for designing and building a wide range of vessels, including schooners, yachts, and steamboats.

Notman’s schooners were highly regarded for their seaworthiness, speed, and craftsmanship. His designs were often used for fishing, coastal trade, and recreational purposes. Notman’s schooners were known for their sleek lines, sturdy construction, and efficient sailing performance.

One of the notable schooners designed by Charles P. Notman was the “Yankee”, a racing schooner that competed in yacht races along the East Coast of the United States. The “Yankee” was known for its speed and agility, and it won several prestigious sailing competitions during its time.

Notman’s reputation as a skilled shipbuilder and naval architect led to his involvement in various shipbuilding projects for both commercial and private clients. His designs were in high demand due to their quality and performance in the water.

While Charles P. Notman is best known for his work building schooners, he also designed and built other types of vessels, including steamships, tugboats, and pleasure craft. His contributions to the maritime industry helped shape the development of sailing vessels in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Overall, Charles P. Notman’s legacy as a shipbuilder and naval architect is one of innovation, quality, and excellence in craftsmanship. His schooners and other vessels continue to be celebrated for their beauty and seafaring capabilities, preserving his place in maritime history.

The BlueJacket Charles P Notman is an exceptionally handsome model. This kit is constructed with plank on laser cut multiple bulkheads and is 41″ long. The kit contains a great deal of etched brass, laser cut wood (labeled), detailed instructions and complete plans. Designed by Dr. Al Ross, with technical input by Capt. Doug Lee, Schooner Heritage, Rockland, ME, her authenticity and attention to detail is assured.

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LOA: 41″
Scale: 1/8″

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