Dumas Chris-Craft Continental


Dumas Ship Model Chris-Craft Continental
Part #DU1243
RC Capable
Scale 1:8; Length: 34 inches; Beam: 12 inches

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The 1956 23 ft. Chris-Craft Continental was a stand out among her peers. Her blunt nose, two-toned deck, and sloped transom epitomized this classic era. The Dumas model of the 23 ft. Continental is designed to take you back to the 50s.

Dumas’ lightweight construction utilizes a die-cut poplar plywood framework with balsa sub-planking. Rich mahogany and blonde basswood veneers provide the fine exterior finish. As with all of our Chris-Craft models each kit includes a complete assortment of detail items.

Pre-formed seats, chrome plated fittings, a complete set of running hardware, color decals, flag and burgee are all included as part of the kit. So, if you have been waiting and wondering what the next Chris-Craft was going to be, your wait is over.

Scale 1:8; Length: 34 inches; Beam: 12 inches

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 6 in