Corel HMS Resolution


Corel HMS Resolution

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HMS Resolution – 1/50 scale English cutter kit

HMS Resolution was an 18th century ship of the British Royal Navy. She carried a cutter rig with a single mast, carrying a large mainsail with a gaff and a boom, jibs and flying jibs, and one or more square sails. Fast and maneuverable, cutters were ideal for operating off-shore and generally engaged in coastal patrols to combat pirates and smuggling. HMS Resolution was equipped with a 12 carriage guns and more than a dozen swivel guns.

Corel’s kit features a double plank-on-bulkhead hull construction. Kit includes pre-cut keel and frames. All fittings and accessories are made of wood, cast metal, or brass , detailed plans and instructions. This kit is suitable for the modeler with some experience.


scale 1:50

length 30.7″ (780mm)

height of 24.8″ (630mm)


Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 3 in


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