Deans Marine Emden R/C Ready


Deans Marine Emden R/C Ready

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Dean’s Marine SMS Emden kit. All you need are motors, couplings, servos, speed controller and radio to complete this kit.

Please let us know if you prefer to just build a static model and we can adjust the pricing for the motors and couplings included in this auction.

The scale of this kit is 1/72, LENGTH 44.5” and has a BEAM 9.4”

Here are some History of this ship :
The most famous ship during and since the first world war. This German raider terrorized the Indian and Pacific Oceans for 3 months during WW1.

Under the command of Kapitan Karl von Muller the Emden destroyed 16 British ships totaling 70,825 G.R.T. She seized a Russian auxilary cruiser, a Greek and a British ship were used as colliers. Four British ships were released after capture.

She brazenly sailed into Madras harbour and shelled the oil tanks of the Anglo Persian Oil Co, followed by a daring dash into Penang harbour to sink the Russian cruiser Zhemchug. The adventures of the Emden were avidly followed in the Kaiser’s Germany and also in the British Empire.

In all these exploits only a single merchant sailor’s life was lost in a campaign that cost the British 16 ships.

Finally on the 9th November 1914 off Direction Island the Emden was caught by the cruiser Sydney. The one sided fight against the much more powerful Sydney resulted in the Emden being run aground on North Keeling island where she still lies to this day. 134 of the crew were dead or dying.

The full story of this famous ship is far to long to be told here, we can only recommend the book “EMDEN The last cruise of a chivalrous raider”, to tell the complete story.

Laid down 6/4/1906; Launched 20/5/1908; Commissioned 20/7/1909; Builder Kaiserliche Werf Danzig. Dimensions Length 389ft; Beam 44 ft; Draught 16ft; Dispacement 3650 tons Machinery Vertical 3 cylinder; Boilers Schulz-Thorneycroft; Output 16,171 b.h.p. Speed Max. 25 knots. Armament 10 x 105mm singles; 4 x 8mm M.G.s; 3 x 60mm & 2 x 8mm portables; 2 x 450mm torpedo tubes

Details of the kit:

Scale 1/96 Length 1.14m Beam 140mm Sailing weight 4.3kgs

The plated fiberglass hull is the base for this model, along with the superstructure from computer printed 1mm plastic for the main assembly and a sheet of .5mm printed plastic adding the final sharpness to this elegant model.

To add all the detail over 100 fittings cast in light alloy or plastic are included in the kit. Vac-u-formed plastic moldings take care of all the larger and more complex parts such as the many ships boats, funnels, vents and funnel bases.

The many stanchions on this model are cast in light alloy to give the correct pattern of spacing, with 2 gauges of brass wire for the stanchion wires. Brass etched ladders add the finest detail and delicate touch to this model, one of the classics amongst warships.

A comprehensive instruction book is included in the kit keyed to TWO FULL SIZE PLANS.

As in all the kits in the range, a full set of running gear is included in the kit. To add to the classic look of this ship the color scheme east India station is included along with tips in the instructions for the use of the modern ACRYLIC car spray paints that are giving such outstanding results.

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Weight 8.3 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 12 × 9 in


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