Deans Marine HMS Royal Marine


Deans Marine HMS Royal Marine

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The military classes of Naval Trawlers were constructed by Cook Welton & Gemmel LTD of Beverly who launched 75 Trawlers to Royal navy designs based on commercial ships. The Royal Marine was ordered on 20-3-43 as part of the 43 Trawler program.

These ships had a displacement of 750 tons and were powered by one shaft steam reciprocating engine of 1.100 i,h,p giving a top speed of 11 knots.

Heavy demands were made on the Trawlers during the war years for A/S and M/S work in the opening stages of the war and they preceded far a field, even to providing the A/s screen for some of the ocean convoys.

Their weatherly qualities always of the highest order, often resulted in their being the only form of escort operative in bad weather and they could keep the seas when even destroyers were compelled to seek shelter.

She was armed with a single 4” gun plus 4 x 20mm A.A guns. With a complement of 40.

Royal Marine survived the war and was sold out of navy service to become the SISAPON in 1946.

She was converted to a deep water trawler with diesel engines for Icelandic fishing.

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