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Scale 1/48
Length 30.7″
Beam 5.1″

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Model of a Dutch Heringsbuise (Herring Drifter) in the Husum Museum

After the decline of the Baltic herring fishery of the Middle Ages, the herring fishery and salt production moved into the North Sea.

Firstly, the most profitable fishing took place close to Scotland, which was nearest to the coast fished and processed ashore. Secondly, the Dutch developed fishing with seaworthy boats, the Buisen, keels built, about 23 m long and 5 m wide vessels with a square-rigged mainmast and gaffelgetakelten smaller Besan (driver mast) and forward with a jib. The fishing was carried out with drift nets made of hemp, usually with a length of about 1400m. The herring was slaughtered on board, salted and packed in barrels.

The fishing took place between May and October is usually 1 to 2 fishing trips were made. They returned home only when the holds were filled. Occasionally, the barrels were also at sea on the so-called Jager, fast sailing freighter, transhipped and cleared as cargo space for further fishing. The Drifter or Logger, a fast fishing boat similar to the French channel Fischer, revolutionized and changed significantly from 1857 the Dutch herring fishery with relatively awkward and clumsy Buisen.

Due to their speed the Fast Drifter or loggers, fitted with paraffin engines, could make about four to five fishing trips a year. Added to this was that fishing was made much easier by replacing the heavy hemp nets by cotton nets. The net could be significantly increased, a logger laid approximately 70 nets with a total length of approximately 2000 m. With the success of this type of fast Drifter and the new nets, the remuneration system for the crew increased considerably. The monthly wage has been replaced by a system of the shares of the catch. The reward of a sailor corresponded perfectly to that of a skilled worker, with good fishing a lot more.

Kit Contents

This kit is based on a glass fibre hull with rubbing strip moulded into the surface of the hull. The construction of the deck and main cabin is from laser cut 1 & 1.5mm Hi Impact styrene, main parts “tagged” for easy assembly. A full set of fittings in cast alloy, & resine is included in the kit, plus full size plan and a comprehesive set of instructions.

Scale 1/48
Length 30.7″
Beam 5.1″

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 in