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Deans Marine Maersk Anglia

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Here we have a Dean’s Marine Maersk Angliaship kit RC ready. Please note that this kit includes Motors and couplings from Deans. All you need are the servos, speed controller and radio to complete this kit.

The scale of this kit is 1/100, LENGTH 48.81” and has a BEAM 7.99”

Here is some info about this ship: Maersk Anglia

The ship was constructed in Japan in 1977 by the Iskikanigima Harima shipyard and named the “Saint Remy”. She had a L.o.a. of 122.95m beam of 18.5m and a draught of 4.8m. Her displacement is 6994.65 tons and she has a capacity to carry 86 forty foot trailers.

The main engines are two single acting, air cooled, turbo charged non reversing diesels, each with an output of 3,600 b.h.p.. The two four bladed, variable pitch propellers provide a service speed of 14 knots.

On purchase by a company in Norway she was renamed “Admiral Caribe” when for six years she sailed the west coast of the U.S.A. to Europe route. In 1983 she was sold to a French company and renamed the “Admiral Nigeria” under this name she plied the North Africa to Europe route.

She was again sold in 1983 to the MAERSK shipping co and renamed the Duke of Anglia and about two years ago (1990) her name was again changed to the MAERSK ANGLIA. At present she is under contract to the Ford Motor Company and runs between Dagenham and Zeebrugge.

Deans Marine wish to express sincere thanks to the MAERSK shipping co. the captain and crew of the MAERSK ANGLIA and the FORD motor co. for all their kind assistance in supplying the help and information for the design of this model.

It was whilst at Zeebrugge she was to play the vital role of coordinating ship for the rescue aboard the “Herald of Free Enterprise” using the ships boats, the Mate, 2nd Engineer and seamen took part in the early rescue attempts. The mate was later awarded the M.B.E.

Here are some of the details of this kit : Scale 1/100 Length 1.24m Beam 203mm Sailing weight 6.5kg

One of the most spectacular vessels to be added to the Deans Marine merchant fleet with probably the most complicated and detailed glass fiber molding to come from our workshops. The hull is molded up to the bridge deck level and includes all port and rubbing strip detail. The bulwarks are part of this molding.

The bridge structure is of computer generated 1mm printed plastic. All fittings, including the four massive multi- purpose hydraulic winches that are provided in the kit along with a full set of running gear. These, together with a comprehensive instruction book and a FULL SIZE PLAN assist in the assembly of this impressive model.

As in all of the Deans range, the on the water performance is outstanding.
Please note the box dimensions are as follows: 55″ in length 12 in width and height of 9 inches. So the shipping has to be by UPS or a freight carrier only.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 12 × 9 in


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