Deans Marine Red Shanks Kit RC Ready


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Deans Marine Red Shanks Kit RC Ready

The scale of this kit is 1/96, LENGTH 15.9” and has a BEAM 2.7”

Here are some of the details of this kit :

Known as “Raised Quarter Deck” coastal steamer, these small ships were larger versions of the famous “puffer” Bridge and engines were aft and the leaving a well deck forward protected by bulwarks. By far the most popular size of these vessels was between 120- 150 feet. This type of ship was used by most of the coastal sea traffic and in all of the main fleets engaged in short coastal voyages of the era. Constructed in 1920, the Redshanks is representative of the type many served until the late 1960s, and a few survive to this day.

The oldest still surviving member of this class of ship is the Robin, which is now based in London at Canary Wharf and will be part of the New London Museum. The kit is based on a ship that sailed from the Port of Ponders Bridge, near Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. She served the East Coast ports with general cargo and coastal passengers from the Humber to the docks of London until the late 1940,s when she was sold out of service. She was powered by compound machinery giving top speed of 9 knots on a tonnage of 287 tons gross. No records are available of her subsequent fate, but she is believed to have been converted to a sand dredger with a Priestman grab crane mounted forward.

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