Deans Marine USS Kidd Ship Kit RC Ready


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This kit is typical of the Fletcher class destroyers built by various yards for the U.S. NAVY between 1940 and 1944. In two major versions, this model is one of the later and more numerous type with a heavy A/A weapons fit. She is one of the most powerful and successful types of destroyers ever constructed in the second world war.

The Fletcher class was the U.S. Navy’s most important fleet destroyer of W.W.11, and served with particular distinction in the Pacific Theater where its long range and excellent weapons fit proved invaluable. The type was retained in service after the war, and some were released for export from the 1950’s. They were sent to many navies, from South America to the Far East. These ships were so well constructed that some are still in service to this day and will only be withdrawn for lack of spares Please note that this kit includes Motors and couplings from Deans. All you need are the servos, speed controller and radio to complete this kit.

Please let us know if you prefer to just build a static model and we can adjust the pricing for the motors and couplings included. The scale of this kit is 1/96, LENGTH 46″ and has a BEAM 5.25″

Here are some of the details of this kit : The fiberglass hull in this is with plating detail. Computer generated color coded printed plastic forms the main superstructure along with the 1.5mm plastic deck. To complete the construction of the model all complex parts are vac-u-formed in 1mm plastic for funnel, boats, turrets etc. A complete set of fittings is included in the kit with all detail parts such as weapons, deck fittings, etc, cast in light alloy. Larger item such as lockers, floats, and gun bases are molded as resin castings for light weight.
A new sheet of brass etchings will give the superfine detail to this classic model. This will contain over 400 items such as, Ladders, stanchions, radars, deck fittings etc in etched brass to give a final showcase finish. Propshafts in stainless steel are cased in brass proptubes with fitted oilers and replicable bearings along with rudder and tiller arm.

These, together with a comprehensive instruction book with digital printed picture / instructions and a FULL SIZE PLAN assist in the assembly of this impressive model. This kit has now been reworked and brought up to date of the standards of the latest kits. As in all of the Deans range, the on the water performance is outstanding.
Please note the box dimensions are as follows: 55″ in length 12″ in width and height of 9″ in. So the shipping has to be by UPS or a freight carrier only.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 12 × 9 in