Deans marine Victoria & Albert


Length 814mm
Beam 228mm
Sailing weight 5.02kgs

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This near scale model is of one of the launches constructed by J Samuel White for the royal yacht Victoria & Albert 11 This is one of several of these type of craft built for the royal yachts over the years.

The craft was used as a general purpose crew launch and luggage boat. She did not carry the loads herself but was used as a “tug” , pulling one of the 32ft cutters also carried on the yacht.

With her Royal Blue hull, white underwater and gold cheat lines, she makes a handsome and powerful model on the water.

Details of the kit

Scale 1/15 Length 814mm Beam 228mm Sailing weight 5.02kgs

This kit is based on a glass fiber hull with rubbing strip and quarter badge detail moulded into the surface of the hull.

The deck and coaming are also a fiberglass moulding to make an easily constructed model designed to take a live steam plant.

A full size plan of a set of templates for the internal construction is also included to simplify the construction of the model, these are printed on heavy paper that can be modified to take an alternative steam plant. The templates are then pasted on to you choice of timber and cut out to create a one off kit.

The deck is planked onto the glass fibre deck to speed construction and to protect the timber decking, and to give immense strength to the open launch, for with a Puffin steam plant and boiler she is a powerful and maneuverable model.

A set of fittings in cast alloy are included, along with a full size plan and a plan sketch of our installation of the Cheddar “Puffin steam plant.

(a) A set of glass fibre moulding for the modeller wishing to construct his own prototype based on our hull.
(b) A set of mouldings as above, plus all the parts to construct the model as a kit, including the deck planking in mahogany & obeche to plank onto the glass fibre sub deck.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 in