Dual-Grit Flexi Sanders (90x19x12mm)


• Grits:

– Coarse (60/100)
– Medium (240/400)
– Fine (600/1000)

• Flexible for working on both flat and curved surfaces
• For model making, craft & smaller DIY tasks

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Ideal for model making, craft, automotive, jewellery and smaller DIY tasks.

PAB1100 Flexi-Slim-Line Sanders x 3
(90x19x12mm) Perfect for material removal, polishing and cleaning materials

PAB1200 Extra Flexi Wide Sanders x 3
(80x30x6mm) The sanders can be used for paint preparation, de-nibbing, stripping & sanding rough and built up surfaces. They also create a clean & smooth polish

PAB1300 Flexi Wide Sanders x 3
(80x30x12mm) The thicker sanders are excellent for completely removing blemishes and scratches whilst restoring a high-gloss finish on materials

Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 3 in