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Euromodel Pinco Genovese


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The Euromodel Pinco Genovese was typical of the ships used by the Ligurian Navy in the Mediterranean from the middle of the 18th to the early 19th century. With a capacity of 300 tons, the vessel was set up with a three-masted lateen sail format and this was only replaced in bad weather with a square sail system. The huge expanses of sails allowed them to out-run the enemy and a battery of cannon often assured victory in naval conflict.To enhance the speed of the Pinco, goods were also covered, and even stowed away on board (particularly the barrels).
The Pinco only traveled in the Mediterranean and often close to the coast. The mizzen mast was moveable to the left of mid-line mast set-up to allow maximum use of the tiller. With good weather and favorable wind, the Pinco was a highly maneuverable and fast ship. Often the Ligurian pirates armed themselves with guns to attack the British ships that ventured into the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar. In this model we employed the usual metal port-holes allowing a perfect copy of the openings for the guns without boring the planking. The bottom of the hull is sheathed with plates, as in the original, giving the model a highly realistic look.

“Cocca Anseatica” is derived from the following two words … cocca – the name given in the 12th. century to a vessel with the medieval characteristic of a ship with a round hull and … anseatica, coming from the German word ” hansa” that meaning “associations” .This latter term was given to the North European cities of Amburgo and Lubecca that joined in an economical alliance to protect their earthly and especially maritime trades from the attacks of the English, Dutch and Flemish “barons” and corsairs. Other cities like Tallin, Kiel, Frankfurt and Brema later joined this association. From this group grew the development of the armed mercantile ship named “Cocca Anseatica”.

The Cocca Anseatica was 30 meters in length, had 20 meter length on the water line and a sail area of approximately 186 square meters. The net capacity was 130 ton.
The crew consisted of 20 to 30 men. The sails were colored with a vegetable dye order to avoid them from absorbing moisture. The colors of the sails were dark red, or with vertical white and red stripes or white and green or completely black.
The Cocca represented in our model is the one from approximately 1470 with an overall length of 34 meters, 25 meters length on the water line, a draught of 2.5 meters and a sail area of 265 square meters. It was based on on the three masts – main, mizzen and fore. The net capacity had gone up to 400 ton. The crew was of 50 men and the sails were of a dark red with rope color sewing.

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