Flagship Models Constitution Main Mast “Fighting Top”


FM13529 Flagship Models Constitution Main Mast “Fighting Top”

Scale 1:35 Mast 18″ tall Yardarm 9″ long

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FM13529 Flagship Models Constitution Main Mast “Fighting Top” The 1/35 scale USS Constitution Main Mast “Fighting Top” (mast 18″ tall, yardarm 9″ long) diorama kit replicates the fighting top of “Old Ironsides” in amazing detail. EVERYTHING right down to the knots in the ratlines and every splinter of her glorious main mast is accurate exactly as she appears today. You don’t just glue this kit together. You rig it with authentically wound, scale sized rigging line in several diameters and colors just like the origional builders. You MAKE the ratlines from the 100% accurate scale rope stock provided with the kit. You will SEIZE AND SERVE the rigging exactly as they did in the age of sail and RIG the blocks and mast just like the real thing. The kit contains EVERTYTHING you need to build this magnificent model that when finished, you will be proud to display as a 100% accurate piece of American history. While the base is not included, we do offer the attractive Kedge Anchor and all the figures (one figure included with the kit) as available seperate items to bring the main mast to life. While this kit is NOT for beginners, the master pattern maker Joel Labow, designed this kit to be built by almost anyone. The 76 page instructional CD is the best ever done with over 200 full color photos to SHOW you how to build this wonderful kit. Joel walks you through the entire kit step by step with clear, hi rez color photos and concise text with historical notes about the ship. Scale 1:35 Mast 18″ tall Yardarm 9″ long