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BlueJacket Friendship Sloop Large

The Friendship Sloop is a type of sailboat that originated in Maine, United States, in the late 19th century. The design of the Friendship Sloop was influenced by traditional fishing boats and workboats used in the region, particularly in the lobster and fishing industries.

The first Friendship Sloop was built in 1885 by Wilbur Morse in Friendship, Maine. The design of the sloop featured a gaff-rigged mainsail, a jib, and a small gaff-headed topsail, providing the vessel with good sailing performance and versatility. The hull of the Friendship Sloop was typically wooden and had a round-bottom design, making it stable and well-suited for coastal waters.

Friendship Sloops were initially used for fishing, lobstering, and transportation along the Maine coast. The boats were known for their sturdy construction, comfortable sailing characteristics, and ability to navigate shallow waters. Over time, the Friendship Sloop became popular among recreational sailors and yachtsmen for its beauty and sailing capabilities.

Many Friendship Sloops were built in Maine during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with several boatyards specializing in their construction. The design of the Friendship Sloop evolved over time, with variations in size, rigging, and amenities to cater to different uses and preferences.

Today, Friendship Sloops are considered classic sailboats with a devoted following of enthusiasts who appreciate their history, aesthetics, and sailing performance. Many original Friendship Sloops have been restored and are actively sailed in regattas and maritime events, preserving the legacy of these iconic vessels in Maine’s maritime heritage.

BlueJacket Friendship Sloop Large kit is based on a typical 1900 design, and is available in two different sizes. Both of the kits are plank on bulkhead and contain many laser cut parts. For a more personalized look,you can choose paints that are different from the ones used in the photo and additional fittings or figurines Remember, in modeling, bigger is generally easier.

Please keep in mind that some items in the picture may have been built with optional items not included as part of the standard kit, such as pedestals, bases, cases, paint, etc.

If there are any questions about the contents of a particular kit, please contact Bluejacket.

LOA: 31″
Scale: 1″

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