Aero-naut Hansa Dinghy


Width 10.23 inn (260mm)
Length 37 inn (940mm)
Scale 1:6.5
Mast height 41.33 in (1050mm)
Sail area foresail 10
Sail area main sail 25th
Draft 6.69 in (170mm)
Plastic hull

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Hansa Dinghy
Article no .: 301100
Category: Ship models, sailing boats
EAN: 4012230090221
Difficulty level construction: 3/5 (advanced)
Model version : kit with finished hull
Material hull: plastic
Length: 37 in (940mm)

The Hansa dinghy was built by Abeking & Rasmussen 224 times between 1948 and 1969. Designed by Henry Rasmussen as early as the 1920s, the small keel was very popular due to its versatility and became a unit class of the DSV, or German Sailing Federation. The 5.85 meter long boat was designed as a small and safe cruising boat for inland and coastal areas. The cabin was small, but there was enough space for 2 beds. When they were first built, the price was around DM 7000 in 1958, and the Hansajolle No. 79 (Solveig), with which Rollo Gebhard sailed into the Red Sea in 1960/61 became famous. The lead weight of 160kg and the small cabin give the boat the necessary stability and safety. The Hansa is an active class in the DSV on this day.

Aero-naut’s 1:6.5 scale model kit is for beginners,but also designed for advanced users. The model can be operated with or without remote control, the installation for an RC system is included. The interior construction consists of precision-cut plywood parts that are joined together and glued into the deep-drawn hull. The deck with the printed planks is cut out to fit perfectly. As a light wind sailor, the model, based on the original Hansa dinghy, is designed entirely as a classic wooden construction with a high-quality plastic hull. This allows the model maker to easily build the model, which is waterproof from the start. If you want to operate the model in stronger winds, it is necessary to attach a removable additional ballast to the keel.

Width 10.23 inn (260mm)
Length [37 inn (940mm)
Scale 1:6.5
Mast height 41.33 in (1050mm)
Sail area foresail [dm²] 10
Sail area main sail [dm²] 25th
Draft 6.69 in (170mm)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 in