Mamoli HMS Victory


Length: 43.94″/ Height: 30.43″/ Scale: 1:90

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Great kit for the intermediate builder, The choice of the scale 1:90 in the reconstruction of such an important model offers the twofold advantage to adopt planning solutions open even to the less experienced modeller and to construct without excessive difficulties a compact model. Large use has been made of precious wood moulded according to the form requested by the original. The molten metal port-holes allow a perfect execution of the openings for the guns and it is not necessary to bore the planking. No plastic or plastic wood parts are used. The structure of the quarter-deck is all wood and on it are applied various molten metal decorations.

All wooden parts are pre-cut and numbered, and all fittings are ready to use. Fittings include 104 burnished metal cannon, plus other parts of gilded metal, walnut and brass. 13 sheets of plans are the best detailed Mamoli has ever done. The sheathing of the bottom of the hull with about 3.000 plates reflects the constructive schemes of the original and is of great realistic effect. The observance of the scale is so scrupulous that the quantity of the strips of the planking is the same as the quantity of the boards on the original.

Length: 43.94″/ Height: 30.43″/ Scale: 1:90

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