Shipyard HMS Wolf 1754 (Boxed)


Scale: 1:72
Lenght: 520 mm
Width: 270 mm
Height: 395 mm


HMS Wolf, 1754 1:72 – Shipyard ZL029 Laser Cardboard Kit

Scale: 1:72
Lenght: 520 mm
Width: 270 mm
Height: 395 mm

HMS Wolf was a two-masted square-rigged warship built to support military operations. She was a snow-rigged brig, which means that an auxiliary mast was fitted abaft the mainmast for the spanker sail.

Wolf was built at the Chatham shipyards in 1754, shortly before the outbreak of the Seven Years War. She saw action in that war as well as the American War of Independence. She was a small ship armed with 10 3-pdr cannons and 10 swivel guns.

This is the newest ship model kit from Shipyard of Poland. This kit is in their Laser Cardboard series and includes all paper parts laser cut, turned brass cannons and swivel guns, wood dowels for the masts and yards, laser-cut sails, pains, brushes and more.

A beautiful full-color step-by-step instruction book guides the builder through the construction of this beautiful model kit.

The box includes:
all parts for building the hull and parts cut out by laser
arrangement of planks on decks and boards engrave by laser
laser cut and profiled decks of planking
guns and swivel guns turned from brass
wood dowels for masts and yards
deadeyes and blocks
iron binding
ready decorations
flags printed on canvas paper
laser cut sails
strings of different thickness
full assembly of acryl paints

Colorful instruction illustrate by many pictures and descriptions which shows not only step by step stages of building but also includes techniques of sticking and painting on rules of detailed guide

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 2 in


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