Mamoli Marseille


Scale: 1:64/ Length: 31.61″/ Height: 22.24″

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cale: 1:64/ Length: 31.61″/ Height: 22.24″

Marseille is a 1764 French schooner. Reconstruction was carried out on original drawings of that time of a ship meant for shooting training. She is equipped with 24 three-pound guns mounted on a special gun-carriage fixed on the board-side and with other 2 guns of retreat of the same gauge. Characteristic are the 2 six-pound fighting guns equipped with a gun-carriage without wheels sliding on a special guide free with a rotation of 180 degrees.

The Mamoli Marseille kit features the following:
A Double planked on bulkhead /hull construction using Lime and Walnut strips, pre cut frames and keel, deck planked in tanganyika, fittings made from brass, walnut, boxwood, and beech, wooden masts and spars, brass cannon barrels, rigging cord and silk flags. Full size plan sheets and a multi language instruction manual.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 in


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