Amati Mayflower – First Step


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Amati Mayflower – First Step Kit

The historic ship known as the Mayflower was the ship that in 1620 transported the Pilgrim forefathers from England to the New World, where they could finally find the religious freedom they sought.

The Mayflower chartered by the Pilgrims, was a typical English galleon with high and bright color decorating the bulwarks. The ship was finally broken up and her timbers were used to build fishermen’s shelters along the banks of the Thames.

Amati’s first Step series is meant to introduce new builders to the joy of ship modeling. These kits are easy to assembly with minimal tools needed. Adult supervision is recommended for builders under the age of 8.

While Amati’s First Step line is ideal for young builders we still recommend adult supervision while gluing and painting the kit.

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Dimensions 24 × 12 × 4 in