Model Slipways FSB Tenby

Model Slipway FSB Tenby – RC Ready


Model Slipway FSB Tenby – RC Ready

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Model Slipway Kit FSB Tenby- RC Ready. This is a Vac form kit.

Formed in high impact styrene the kit contains: a one-piece hull molding together with a formed deck, one-piece cabin, bulkhead molding, motor mount, shaft and rudder supports, battery and radio trays. A set of fittings, a motor, prop shaft and propeller, plastic tube coupling, a single rudder/tiller arm assembly.

Other items include window glazing material and window decals (for those who do not wish to cut out the windows), rubber fender, wire to fabricate the railings and all necessary items to build the model as illustrated. Step-by-step drawings, instructions and plan. This kit is not recommended for children. The crew figures are available separately

Additional items required to complete the model:
? Tools: a good pair of scissors; a modelling knife; fine wet or dry abrasive paper; a sanding block; small round and flat files; pliers; a steel rule; masking tape, rubber bands and adhesive foam pads. And a 30W soldering iron if you wish to solder.
? Adhesives: a tube of polystyrene cement, liquid polystyrene glue, thick cyanoacrylate (Superglue), 2-pack Epoxy, R/C Modellers Craft Glue or Flair Canopy Glue, or Weldbond (for window glazing). Humbrol plastic filler, contact adhesive.
? Paints: Humbrol enamels or Tamiya; alternatively Halford’s acrylic aerosols.
? R/C requirements: 2-channel radio, 5 to 10amp electronic speed control or a 10amp micro-switch to motor control, 7.2v 2400mA NiCd sub-C Power Pack and charger

Length of this kit is 500 MM

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 12.0 x 15.0 x 2.0 in


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