Model Slipways Dutch Courage

Model Slipway Dutch Courage – R/C Ready


Model Slipway Kit Dutch Courage – R/C Ready

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Dutch Courage is a representation of Dutch Pride and Dutch Power, two of a series of tugs built in the Netherlands in 2003/04. Designed to operate in water depths not readily accessible by conventional tugs of deeper draft these vessels are suitable for a variety of applications including towing, pushing, supply and survey work. These tugs are fitted with a hydraulic telescoping deck crane and the rear deck space allows for the transportation of cargo, including containers. A feature of the vessels is the push-bow with heavy duty rubber fender. Crew complement: 6.

With many step-by-step assembly drawings, instructions and main plans Dutch Courage will appeal to model makers with average building skills and tug enthusiasts. The kit contains all the required parts to build the model tugboat (except for paints, adhesives and the flag).

* A detailed fiberglass hull and lower superstructure; The wheelhouse deck, wheelhouse and deflector are molded in styrene as are the life raft canisters and the stern roller
* Complete underwater gear, i.e. prop shafts, propellers, rudders and fixed Kort nozzles
* A bow thruster tube; a set of fittings manufactured from a high grade cast alloy.
* Two frets of etched brass components including window frames, wheelhouse interior details, stanchions, funnel logos, mast ladder/cage etc.
* Printed parts for the decks, wheelhouse interior and funnels. A printed wood deck overlay.
* A kit for the detailed deck crane. An anchor windlass and a tow winch, both in kit form
* Plastic strips for deck supports, wire for railings, push-bow fender, a set of tires
* Self-adhesive vinyl lettering for model names. Instructions, isometric drawings and plans.

* Requirements for R/C (not included): 4-channel RC, speed control, motors, couplings, battery and charger

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