Vanguard Models Nisha – Brixham ‘Mumble Bee’


Part #VM08

Scale – 1:64
Length Overall – 15.2″ (387mm)
Height Overall – 12.2″ (311mm)
Width Overall – 2.9″ (74mm)


Nisha – 1907

The ‘Mumble Bee’ was cutter rigged, full bowed and broad beamed. They were strongly built and many survived to a good old age. Because of their fine lines, a few of these vessels were converted to yachts in their later life. Those fishing off the Welsh coast out of Tenby, working the fishing grounds in Mumbles Bay, acquired the collective term ‘Mumble-Bees’. In part, this was coined because of the large numbers of them ‘buzzing’ around the Mumbles like bees around a hive, and also arose by them adopting some of the features of the established Mumbles boats. Nisha had an overall length of 59 feet 3 inches, moulded beam of of 14 feet. She had a deep drag aft with a draft of 7 foot 10 inches but only 4 feet forward. Her fine lines translate into a very pleasing hull shape, making a very attractive display model.

The kit

Our lovely little Nisha incorporates the very latest in design techniques, yet is suitable for the total beginner, as well as the seasoned modeller who wants to create something a little different and go to new lengths. Even though this kit is primarily aimed at beginners, it has no less detail in terms of scale. This is a fully-featured model kit. The laser-engraved deck is made from maple ply. Walnut dowel is provided for masts etc. We anticipate Nisha will take around 100-150 hours to complete, as a very average estimate.

Scale – 1:64
Length Overall – 15.2″ (387mm)
Height Overall – 12.2″ (311mm)
Width Overall – 2.9″ (74mm)

Kit includes:

Laser cut and engraved parts in MDF and pear wood.
Laser cut pear wood ladders and companionway
Laser etched and cut maple decks with treenail detail
1 sheet of photo etched brass
High resolution 3D-printed parts and brass turned parts.
Double planked hull in limewood for first planking and pear wood for second planking.
Walnut dowel for mast, gaff, and boom.
Multiple sizes of both black and natural rigging thread along with all necessary blocks and deadeyes
The full colour instruction manual is our most comprehensive yet, along with TEN plan sheets which include all masting and rigging drawings.
Waterslide decal sheet, printed for us by Eduard.
Optional pre-sewn sail set. Model can be rigged with or without sails.
VERY comprehensive 58-page instruction manual.
Note: All images shown are of the prototype model.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 5 in