Occre Albatros Combo Set


OcCre Albatross Schooner

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Combo Set Includes:

• OC12500 OcCre Albatros
• Tool Se
• BSI101 – 1/2 Oz BSI Insta-Cure
• BSI102 – 1/2 Oz BSI Insta-Cure+
• BSI161 – 1 Oz BSI Un-Cure CA Remover
• Reference book

OC12500 OcCre Albatros
Schooners were ships used for different purposes, including coastguard work and the control of smuggling along the coast, as well as carrying out the functions of a small warship. Their fore-and-aft rigs allowed them to sail close to the wind, often giving them an advantage in a chase. The rigs also required fewer sailors to operate than a similarly sized square rigger, making them more cost effective for their owners.

Occre’s Albatros kit is a typical American schooner of the late 18th/early 19th century. The kit features a double planking on precision cut plywood keel and frames. Detailed parts such as blocks, deadeyes, doors, cannons, carriages and deck pumps are in wood or metal. Sails, rigging line, and flag.

Scale 1:100
Height: 16.1 inches
Width: 8.3 inches
Length: 22.4 inches

Note: Image of glues is just for general reference and does not reflect the actual items included in this set. The actual BSI products included in this set are those listed in the description above.

Scale 1:100
Height: 16.1 inches
Width: 8.3 inches
Length: 22.4 inches

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Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 3 in


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