BlueJacket Red Jacket Clipper Ship



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BlueJacket Red Jacket Clipper Ship

The Red Jacket was an American clipper ship that was renowned for its record-breaking speed during the mid-19th century. The Red Jacket was built in 1853 in the shipyard of George Thomas in Rockland, Maine. It was designed by Samuel Hartt Pook, a prominent naval architect known for his innovative and speedy clipper ship designs.

The Red Jacket was one of the fastest clipper ships of its time, known for its sleek hull design and large sail area. In 1854, under the command of Captain Asa Eldridge, the Red Jacket set a record-breaking transatlantic passage from New York to Liverpool, completing the voyage in just 13 days, 1 hour, and 25 minutes. The Red Jacket was primarily engaged in the profitable transatlantic trade between New York and Liverpool, carrying passengers, mail, and valuable cargo. Its speed and efficiency made it a highly sought-after vessel for merchants and shipping companies.

The success of the Red Jacket demonstrated the advantages of clipper ship technology in terms of speed and efficiency in maritime trade. Its record-breaking voyages and reputation for speed helped solidify the clipper ship as the preferred choice for long-distance ocean travel before the advent of steamships.

Despite its initial success, the Red Jacket, like many other clipper ships, faced competition from steam-powered vessels that were more reliable and consistent in their schedules. The decline of the clipper ship era in the late 19th century eventually led to the Red Jacket being retired from active service.

The Red Jacket clipper ship is remembered for its speed, elegance, and contributions to the history of maritime trade and transportation. It remains a symbol of the golden age of clipper ships and the era of fast sailing vessels that played a vital role in global commerce.

BlueJacket Red Jacket Clipper Ship

The kit contains BlueJacket’s famous carved hull along with a great deal of metal fittings, rigging line, plans, diagrams and instruction manual.

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