Krick San Diego Mega Yacht


1:25 Scale
Length about 1270 mm
Width about 250 mm
Height about 370 mm

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With its sleek design, the San Diego delivers a fantastic ride that is in no way inferior to its original. The large hull length of 1.27 m and the slim design make for a great and faithful appearance on the water, which reflects the elegance of such luxury yachts. Equipped with two powerful electric motors (frame sizes 700 to 800) that drive two counter-rotating surface ship propellers directly, the

San Diego starts to plane contact after a short acceleration phase. Pivoting Navy Speed drives on the one hand allow a very good directional stability, on the other hand a high maneuverability even with moving water. With the fitting kit, the luxurious features of the original boat can be completely replicated in the model.

Kit Includes:
– Hull and deck deep drawn from plastic, with moulded spray rails.
– 2 Navy Speed direct drives
– 2 Navy 44 universal joint couplings
– 2 stern tubes with shafts
– Rubbing strips, high coaming
– Superstructure can be removed in one piece, individual parts of the superstructure are made of transparent plastic
– Laser cut plastic parts for interior fitting and fly bridge
– RC parts, decals
– Detailed construction manual

Technical data
Length about 1270 mm
Width about 250 mm
Height about 370 mm
Total displacement about 5000 g

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 30 in