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BlueJacket Seguin
The Seguin is a historic wooden schooner that was originally launched in 1884 in Bath, Maine. The ship was built for the lumber trade by renowned shipbuilder Thomas E. Hagan and was named after Seguin Island, a prominent landmark in Maine known for its lighthouse.

The Seguin was primarily used to transport lumber along the East Coast of the United States, carrying cargo between ports and navigating the challenging waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was known for its speed and maneuverability, as well as its distinctive design with two masts and a gaff-rigged sail plan.

In the early 20th century, the Seguin was converted into a coastal schooner and continued to operate in various roles, including as a cargo vessel and a private yacht. The ship changed ownership several times over the years and underwent several renovations and modifications to adapt to changing maritime needs.

In the 1970s, the Seguin was acquired by the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine, and underwent an extensive restoration to preserve its historic significance. The ship was restored to its original condition as much as possible, with careful attention to historical accuracy and craftsmanship.

Today, the Seguin is a floating museum and educational vessel, offering public sailing cruises, educational programs, and maritime experiences for visitors to learn about Maine’s maritime heritage and the historic significance of traditional wooden sailing vessels like the Seguin. The ship serves as a living legacy of Maine’s maritime history and continues to inspire and educate future generations about the importance of preserving and celebrating our maritime heritage.

BlueJacket Seguin kit is a plank on bulkhead kit intended for expert modelers. The Seguin is adaptable to steam or electric power radio control. The kit includes many laser cut parts, including the complex paneling of the deckhouse, and is complete with all fittings, rigging line and other materials including the traditional rooster on the deckhouse!

Please note that some of the items in the photo may be optional items not included as part of the standard kit, such as pedestals, bases, cases, paint, etc.

If there are any questions about the contents of a particular kit, please contact Bluejacket.

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