Billing Boats Torborg


Scale 1:20
Height 28cm
Length 32cm
Width 9CM

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Billing Boats Torborg
Lasercut Wooden Boatkit
Scale 1:20 – Length 32 cm
Step-by-step instructions and plan

The Billing Boats Torborg kit contains laser cut wood boards, wood planking, a full set of fittings, plans, diagrams and an instruction manual in multiple languages. The kit does not contain glue, paint or tools.

Ship History:
The Torborg pilot boat has a rich history as one of the most iconic and historically significant pilot boats in Norway. The vessel is known for its role in providing pilot services for ships navigating the treacherous waters of the Norwegian coast, particularly in the region around Bergen.

The Torborg pilot boat was built in 1871 by the renowned Norwegian shipbuilder Colin Archer, who is famous for his sturdy and seaworthy designs. The vessel was designed as a sturdy and reliable boat that could withstand the challenging weather conditions and rough seas of the Norwegian coast.

The Torborg was originally used as a pilot boat to transport pilots to and from incoming and outgoing ships in the Bergen area. Pilots play a crucial role in guiding ships safely through difficult waters, and the Torborg was instrumental in ensuring the safe passage of vessels in and out of the port of Bergen.

Over the years, the Torborg pilot boat became a beloved symbol of maritime heritage in Norway. Its traditional design and history of service earned it a special place in the hearts of sailors and maritime enthusiasts. The vessel was eventually retired from active service as a pilot boat but has been preserved and restored as a historic landmark.

Today, the Torborg pilot boat serves as a museum ship, offering visitors a glimpse into the maritime history and traditions of Norway. The vessel stands as a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Colin Archer and the important role that pilot boats have played in ensuring safe navigation along the Norwegian coast. The Torborg pilot boat remains a cherished piece of Norway’s maritime heritage and a reminder of the seafaring traditions that have shaped the country’s history.

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