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U.S.S. Gearing, DD-710 | WWII, circa 1945. USS Gearing, DD-710 was the lead ship of her destroyer class and has often been described as the ultimate destroyer developed during WWII. She was indeed formidable, armed with three 5″ twin gun mounts, twelve 40mm anti-aircraft guns, eleven 20mm anti-aircraft guns, and ten 21″ torpedo tubes. She was 390.6′ long and was rated for a speed of 36.8 knots! This Dr. Al Ross designed kit is not only absolutely historically correct, it employs the most modern kit building methods and materials, utilizing a carved solid hull, laser cut wood, etched brass, Britannia fittings, detailed instructions, and Al’s incredible plans. Because of the amazing amount of detail, this kit it recommended for very experienced model builders. It is important to note that some pictured items may have been built with optional items not included as part of standard kits, such as pedestals, bases, cases, paint, etc. If there are any questions about the contents of a particular kit, please contact Bluejacket.

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