Artesania Latina Sanson Tugboat


Part #AL20415
Scale 1:50
Length 23.8″
Height 13.8″
Width 5.1″

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Artesania Latina Sanson Tugboat

Explore the Sanson a wooden model of a beautiful tug boat from the 1930s. Equipped with a powerful steam boiler of 2,000 CV of power, the ship could reach speeds of 14 knots while it went to the rescue of ships of much greater size.

In the mid-nineteenth century navigation experienced a great revolution. The main factor of which was the introduction of mechanical propulsion. As a consequence ships gradually increased their size and displacement, losing in the process the ease to maneuver in docks and ports.

As a result, tugboats are born, a new type of small-tonnage vessel with low draft but with better moving power and maneuverability able to assist ships much larger than themselves navigate dockyards and harbors.


Build the reimagined 2023 edition of the beautiful 1:50 scale model ship Sanson, a classic deep tugboat from the last century. Aimed at modelers with an intermediate level of skills and knowledge, it is also a feasible model for beginners, since the kit includes video tutorials.

The Samson model ship kit contains all the necessary parts to build your model: 7 high-precision laser-cut plywood sheets, as well as birch planks and round dowels, and veneers in oak wood. This is the first kit that contains oak veneer. With this inclusion, the model is much more realistic, exclusive and avoids the use of wood from tropical forests. The kit also comes with 1 photo-etched plate with numerous and magnificent details, as well as accessories such as die-cast parts, brass rods, rigging, wooden channel and much more.

For its assembly, you can follow our complete step-by-step video guide on DVD format for computers (PC and Mac). It’s like a naval modeling course taught by our professional modeler. The kit does not include printed instructions. In addition to photos of the boat, the kit includes a photographic parts list -another innovation from Artesania Latina-, as well as a QR code that leads to the Sanson video tutorial playlist on Artesania Latina’s Youtube channel with all the videos of the assembly instructions. Once it is built, Sanson model ship measures 23.81” (605mm) long, 5.11” (130mm) wide and 13.47” (350mm) tall.

NOTE: This kit does not include printed instructions except for a plan sheet. Instead, a new generation of instructions are used, in the form of a series of in-depth Youtube videos. You will need to use your computer, smart phone, or tablet and an Internet connection to view them.

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